Relaunch of #BrumTUG

Last night we saw the first edition of #BrumTUG for 2018 and what a way to begin. With such great turn out, goody bags, pizza, wine, and some great sessions. The venue was excellent for location, size and hospitality – a big thank you to The University of Law – Micheal Howkins and Jon Godden.Continue reading “Relaunch of #BrumTUG”

#Data17 – nailed it.

  Post #Data17 Vegas! We all love to write about what we learnt and liked during the conference and it is great reading them all. I’d thought I would share before it becomes a distant memory and i’ll forget all the details to tell about my experience – it’s nice to see it from manyContinue reading “#Data17 – nailed it.”

YTD Calculation-ing

SO lately, I have been trying to get my head around Date Calculations in Tableau! Yes, they can be straightforward and super but when you are asked to make bespoke Fiscal Years (FY) and to show cumulative months for this year compared to last year it got a little crazy. I was not sure aboutContinue reading “YTD Calculation-ing”

I’m Just Like You…

Welcome, it’s my first Blog – if you couldn’t tell. I wanted to share my experiences and help others to grow, learn and develop. So I started off with Tableau like a deer in the headlights as everyone else probably did, I still don’t even understand everything I am doing but its great, it givesContinue reading “I’m Just Like You…”

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