Diaries of a data…

Introducing a mini blog series called ‘Diaries of a data…’ This mini series is going to be about problems you or I face during a working day from being a data analyst, data scientist to any data related made up title you have. I have been battling weekly with issues at work and thought IContinue reading “Diaries of a data…”

Relaunch of #BrumTUG

Last night we saw the first edition of #BrumTUG for 2018 and what a way to begin. With such great turn out, goody bags, pizza, wine, and some great sessions. The venue was excellent for location, size and hospitality – a big thank you to The University of Law – Micheal Howkins and Jon Godden.Continue reading “Relaunch of #BrumTUG”

#Data17 – nailed it.

  Post #Data17 Vegas! We all love to write about what we learnt and liked during the conference and it is great reading them all. I’d thought I would share before it becomes a distant memory and i’ll forget all the details to tell about my experience – it’s nice to see it from manyContinue reading “#Data17 – nailed it.”

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