Post TCoT London – Starting with strangers, leaving with friends.

Now we are all back to our Tableau day jobs thought it would be a good idea to share experiences from the Tableau Conference on Tour and what it is like on the sponsor side rather than the attendee side. First off it was great! If you don’t go, why not? You should. From theContinue reading “Post TCoT London – Starting with strangers, leaving with friends.”

Conditional Formatting Like a Boss

Finally we have a use case to do Conditional Formatting and it is a bit of a Hack, when its a double whammy of conditional formatting in a cross tab its a double hack. Everyone uses the RAG status well when using Excel, and you would think a nice highlight table in Tableau would work great.Continue reading “Conditional Formatting Like a Boss”

Think about the users journey…

After attending a few Tableau User Groups and speaking to the community I always wanted to see what everyone’s ‘best practices’ were, what are the routes people take to get to the end viz? After attempting to complete a #WorkoutWednesday it became known that myself and Charlie go about some vizzes the same way inContinue reading “Think about the users journey…”

Am I winning or am I losing?

You will need a cup of tea for this, sit tight. OK, so I had thought I would give the #WorkoutWednesday a go even though I feel completely out of my depth. I have already been watching Twitter seeing everyone’s tweets about the tool tips and LoD calcs so at least I am mentally preparedContinue reading “Am I winning or am I losing?”

I’m Just Like You…

Welcome, it’s my first Blog – if you couldn’t tell. I wanted to share my experiences and help others to grow, learn and develop. So I started off with Tableau like a deer in the headlights as everyone else probably did, I still don’t even understand everything I am doing but its great, it givesContinue reading “I’m Just Like You…”