Rebecca Graduated in Forensic Science and uses her investigative skills in the analytics world to figure out requirements. Having moved over to IT a number of years ago she has grown a passion for visualisation and data analytics to help businesses make those important decisions by understanding and seeing their data visually.She loves to find areas that are not reporting so well and identify the key steps to turning it around.

Rebecca always likes to take on a challenge and not afraid to admit defeat, is very interested in taking organisations further by adapting different methods of approach and working in a team to help one another grow and develop. She started her Tableau journey about 3 years ago and has worked across many different contracts familiarising herself with a wide range of data sets. Rebecca often overlooks the start up of Tableau in new businesses delivering training fulfilment applied with their own data.

In her spare time Rebecca loves to travel the world, have a full social calendar and can be bribed with tea & biscuits – custard creams mostly.

Fun Fact – Rebecca was shortlisted in the Top 10 for Young IT Professional of the Year 2015/2016


I’m working hard in data visualisation & analytics just like you probably are, I come across challenges and daily problems as well as wins as much as the next guy. Here I am to help inspire, learn and develop others in the community. Help me to help you.