Diaries of a data…

Introducing a mini blog series called ‘Diaries of a data…’

This mini series is going to be about problems you or I face during a working day from being a data analyst, data scientist to any data related made up title you have. I have been battling weekly with issues at work and thought I was alone, it wasn’t until a recent tweet of mine where I noticed you are all going through the same thing. So here we go, picture a diary or journal and scruffy handwriting.

Diary 1 30/07/2020 – Friends & Family not understanding your job.

Do you ever find yourself not talking about your work or job to your friends & family because they don’t understand? It can be quite lonely. I recently undertook a intense Data Science course with General Assembly (GA) and we had a mini social distancing graduation over the weekend in London, and I tell you what it was the best day out. Maybe it is me being selfish but it was so nice to talk about data related work which people understood, name software tools that people knew about and even learn other tools that will help your job. It was a big nerds day out as all my friends called it and I agree for all the right reasons. I don’t know if it was such a great day for me as I work in a team of one – just me. So I have no one to talk to about work that understands and no one to share problems with or help – so I may get a litter over excited in a room full of like minded people.

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