Its that time of year again…#TC18Europe

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Its that time again for Tableau Conference! I know we are all exceptionally excited, I wanted to share my top interests and some seminars that i’ll be attending.

This will by my 5th conference, three London and lucky to get to Vegas for one, #TC18 will be five (mambo time).

Conference is one of the best places to learn hands on content for Tableau, whether it is out of interest or work related to help with performance and ideas. I’ve tried to pick a medium of topics this year being full of both interest and future wizzyness at work as well as what will help us now.

Some key highlights if you’re a newbie this year

  • Attend VizForSocialGood – Monday 1-3pm
  • MakeoverMonday Live – Monday 3-5:30
  • Key notes — through tout the conference
  • Welcome Reception – Monday 5-8pm
  • Data + Women – Wednesday 6-7:15pm
  • Data Night Out Wednesday 7-10pm
  • Iron Viz Thursday – 2-3pm

Its held at the ExCel centre this year rather than The Tobacco Works – so it will be a new exciting location to explore and get lost in. Here are my picks so far which will probably change and clash – if your choices don’t clash, do you even conference?


I’m particularly excited for ‘How can I know my numbers are right?’ that always seems to be a top questions and reconciliation is key to providing excellent data dashboards. I’m also really interested in ‘Balancing Processes and Automation’ & ‘Lost No Longer: Mapping in Tableau’ – Process and mapping are what we are key at learning about more here at work so they are double wins for me.

Along with everything else, Tableau Conference will have a range of different meet ups that you can go too including Regional and User Groups, you’ll easily make friends and learn so much. Don’t forget to try out the food and take lots of photos so they appear on the TC screen!

See you there.

PS. I found this in my drafts and it never actually posted 😦 so here’s a late post.

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