Relaunch of #BrumTUG

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Last night we saw the first edition of #BrumTUG for 2018 and what a way to begin. With such great turn out, goody bags, pizza, wine, and some great sessions.

The venue was excellent for location, size and hospitality – a big thank you to The University of Law – Micheal Howkins and Jon Godden.

The agenda was as follows

1800 – 1810 Registration (pizza)

1810 – 1825 Opening Words – Meet the team!

1825 – 1845 Customer Story – Clive Benford – Head of Analytics Corporate Programme for JLR

1845 – 1905 Book Club

1905 – 1950 Hackathon – Birmingham Host for the 2022 Commonwealth Games

1950 – 2010 Present back Vizzes

2010 – 2045 Looking forward and Networking session / Social drinks at local pub

We opened with myself Tim and Ali doing a short introduction about our Tableau journey, who we are and what are our favourite things in Tableau. It was nice to learn a little bit more about the fellow team members, Ali wanted to be a marine biologist and Tim plays with playdoh more than Tableau – 2 young children.

We had Clive Benford from JLR talk about dashboards, and what is used to create the dashboard getting to the final point. It’s not only about looking great it’s also about the journey that he uses to get there. Exploring the data, analysing and answering key business question.

At #BrumTUG we decided to start a book club, not your normal book club where you have to go away and purchase the book as that could get quite costly. I mean go ahead if you so wish, but we wont make you buy them. This is more of our reviews of data analytics, design and visualisation books that we come across throughout our career. Also we love to have feedback or recommendations on books to review and showcase! This instalment was the well know Big Book of Dashboard by Steve Wrexler, Andy Cotgreave , and Jeffrey Shaffer. Tim did an overview of what is detailed in the book, the best bits he found useful and his favourite chapters. All in all a very good read, look out for the next book club listing!


Until now time was running great, we had a few technical errors but nothing we could solve or improvise on the night. It was time for Hackathon – dun dun duuunnn which Ali led. We did a show of hands and it was pretty much a full house of Tableau users! Round of applause, pat on the back. There was 1 guy who hadn’t used Tableau but he was extremely keen to learn and get stuck in with his table. Everyone mixed in together to build some vizzes based on the Commonwealth games which Birmingham is the host city in 2022. It was great to see strangers working together to achieve the same goal, as well as sharing ideas, tips and solving problems. I have screen grabbed all the vizzes below for your preview – do take a look and you can find some of them on Tableau public.

Time was up. I had gone round to see / help/ advised and asked if people wanted to show back their vizzes – no pressure. We had a number of people keen to get up front and discuss why they choose the graphs they did, colours and layouts followed by some great constructive feedback from the community. Everyone took the comments on board and agreed about some changes, others didn’t need changes at all but the community were interested in how they got to the end Viz. We spent some time talking through how to add actions to images for instance, or how you can add a bit of math to the data and completely change the layout. Everyone started with the same simple data set and made some amazing visualisations – especially in the short amount of time we had.

It was great to meet everyone, and I look forward to seeing you at the next.




Links for vizzes are caption on the images above. Credit to those that took part.

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