Catching up with #MakeOverMonday

It was November 2nd 2017 and I was sat staring out the window thinking about how fast this year has gone, and that it is Christmas soon! I then started to ponder on all the Tableau work I had done this year, and what I had actually achieved through work life. Yes I moved to a better job, went to both conferences, gained more experience in training others with Tableau, got some social life back and attempted (hopefully pass by the time this publishes) the Tableau Desktop QA exam! I thought I hadn’t really done much Tableau-ing for myself though, not enough anyways. Mostly on client sites replicating excel, or training others to use Tableau – I hadn’t dabbled enough for my liking or learnt enough.

So I decided on this date – with 7 weeks left of this year (week 44) that I would try to complete all of the #MakeOverMonday’s ! It’s a lot. I had started off the year pretty good and did the first few weeks between 1 – 10 missing (7&8). So hey what’s 35 odd by this point? I had to make a plan and stay organised so I wouldn’t get confused with data sets and weeks. Throughout the year I had some half completed #MoM where I downloaded the dataset, started to build something and either got distracted by work or gave up because of seeing everyone else’s work. So this also helped in my favour and the task seemed like it would be okay, challenging but achievable.


I would only stick to the original rules of 1 hour in each makeover – going old school. I didn’t have the time to spend hours on end creating amazing visuals. But, I did have the time to spare an hour even if it meant learning 1 new thing – I have 30 odd to go – so ideally that is 30 small new learnings to achieve.

Some are very dull and boring – I had a huge number to get though and not a lot of time, but it’s practice and any practice is good practice.

Getting Organised.

Super organised. I wrote it all down, downloaded every data set and put them in an individual file. I actually learnt a lot about using my MAC too during this process, drag and drop is a beauty. Who knew.

How I felt.

Like what am I doing? Why am I setting myself up for either a lot of work and pain to even a fail. But, I felt like it was something good to challenge myself and catch up. I wanted to apply a lot of the charts, formatting and images etc that I saw throughout the year from the community. It was quite a daunting thought. They say if you don’t scare yourself once a day are you even living? Well I was slightly scared of this.

Weekly Updates.

November 6th – Weeks 7, 8, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 44, 45

November 13th – Weeks 46, – took this week off this as my husband had a blood clot in his leg (insert face palm emoji), he is okay now.

November 20th Weeks 47, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27

November 27th – Had a week off for holiday exploring Ireland

December 4th – TBC???


I found that I didn’t know what the story or the data set was about, so I had to spend some time re-reading the web links Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray had posted on the #MakeOverMonday website – I didn’t have twitter posts and conversations to follow and get ideas from the community on the go. I also had to make a lot of cross tabs to see what was in the data, using it as a reference to go back and forth between sheets to understand what was in it. Tableau Public was a big help to find previous work to learn from, you know the famous saying ‘Steal like an artist‘ – all credits below don’t worry. 

Lessons Learnt.

So not all of the MakeOverMondays will look fabulous, because I took this opportunity to try out different things. On the weeks I struggled to find a story, I would use the data to concentrate on something else. For instance on week 18 – Sydney Ferry Trips – the data was quite sparing. So I took the time to learn about making images transparent, and learning about doing funky things with Text boxes such as the 3D effect.

I also took the time on some weeks to re do a few of the new charts I learnt throughout the year. Such as week 7 – at #TC17 I learnt about Sunburst charts – so I recreated it to practice.

During the challenge I picked up new charts along the way too – such as Rody Zakovich – he taught me how to make a Step chart, again I used this in the makeovers to show myself ‘hey I get it, I can do this one too’.

Week 46 I played around with the Bins function – I originally let Tableau do the automated calculation but then thought what happens if I changed it to 0.50 – it showed the breakdown of before 50 and after 50. I know you might think it’s simple, but I was just playing around with different numbers to see what it returned and then try to understand it better.

Week 21 was fun, I searched in Tableau Public for a random chart under the title of the Viz and found a pyramid – So I reversed engineered and recreated that. Credit goes to Tushar for that one! Learnt a lot about Table calcs that day.

I practiced with some LOD’s in a few of the vizzes, basic LOD but tried to find use cases for them, as well as other calculations. Think I have pretty much nailed IF statements throughout this process which is great.

Still haven’t nailed that pesky sankey chart tho. :-/

During /Afterwards 

It turns out to be a pretty useful challenge, I found myself in work situations needing inspiration or a calculation / idea. And I would reference my own work to figure these out! Many of times I would think oh that IF statement would work in real time as well as this MoM.
It’s almost done – I can almost breath. 

Total Vizzes completed in this challenge = 21

Did I pass my exam? NOT YET…..



Credit so far


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