Back Pocket Full of Charts

I always like to watch and learn how people use Tableau and build charts, so i decided I would start a collection of them. I currently have a workbook full of a number of charts that are listed below, most of these are from exploring Tableau or what you pick up in the early stages of your journey like bar charts, line charts etc. However, as I have grown with Tableau knowledge I have learnt a set number of skills, a particular set of skills (name that movie). I’ve gone from normal maps of the States to now using Hex Maps! And from Heat maps to Waffle Charts.

Where do I get the charts from?

I occasionally trawl through twitter with the hashtag Tableau – to find people’s work or trawl through the oh so famous Tableau Public! Here I find a healthy amount of dashboards with charts I’ve not seen before, I would download them and try to reverse engineer using the sales data set, making notes along the way in the comments box in desktop. If I can’t figure it out – then they don’t make it into my collection until I do. Sometimes I go to the author and ask for tips, other times I sit there and wait until a lightbulb moment – or ask the community.

When it comes to charts that need other data files to help build such like the Waffle and Hex map – as painful as it is sometimes I like to look at the excel file from the previous workbook and then build my own! It helps with the understanding and memorising of how it all goes together, and why it works that way. I keep the excel files stored safely to call upon once I need to build them again.

List of Charts Completed

  1. Bar Charts
  2. Crosstab
  3. Line Chart
  4. Maps
  5. Pie Chart
  6. Dual Line Chart
  7. Line over Bar Chart
  8. Sparklines
  9. Area Chart
  10. Highlight Table
  11. Donut Charts
  12. Waffle Chart
  13. Hex Map
  14. Lollie Pop Chart
  15. Dumbbell Chart
  16. Sunburst Chart
  17. Scatter Plot
  18. Sankey Chart – Working in progress

List of Charts to complete (ever growing)

  1. Marimekko Chart
  2. Box and Whisper Plot
  3. Radial Tree Chart
  4. Histogram Chart
  5. Gantt Chart

Not only do I keep a catalog of charts, I also create a dashboard that has lots of practice formatting on it. Including lines, colours, fonts, layouts etc – this also will get updated on my hard copy as time goes on. 

If you do this as well, or know of some other charts I should have a go at – tell me! Add to my ever growing list and expand the brain. Yes they might be sloppy in formatting but the foundations are there as a reminder. 

Here is my workbook on Tableau Public

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