#Data17 – nailed it.


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Post #Data17 Vegas!

We all love to write about what we learnt and liked during the conference and it is great reading them all. I’d thought I would share before it becomes a distant memory and i’ll forget all the details to tell about my experience – it’s nice to see it from many different views.

 Conference Overall

The conference was just great, the organisation and sheer size of it to accommodate us all was planned out so well. Food was great, lines weren’t that long of a queue, plenty of drinks available to keep hydrated – sure it was a lot of fizzy pop, maybe have bottles of water instead of a tiny cup from a machine. But, you couldn’t fault anything for the 14,000 of us (estimated). After the recent events that happened in Vegas, we all still felt safe and carried on stronger than ever. We had #Data17Donates which was beautiful to watch strangers come together to give back to the Vegas community. To kick the conference off we had a minute silence to acknowledge the tragedy and show respect to those that had fallen, been injured and the many of emergency services & wider community that helped. The Conference also had started a campaign fundraising for the National Compassion Fund which raise over $120,500!! I mean wow come on.

What session did I go too?

  1. Spotify Exploratory Visual Analysis (EVA)
  2. 50 Tips battle session with AK and JS
  3. Stylish, Seamless formatting
  4. Tableau Devs on stage
  5. Alteryx: The thrill of solving, first-hand: Hands-on analytics lab
  6. Getting Vizzy with it: Advanced Visulisation Types
  7. Deployment tips for Tableau Server
  8. Server tools 101: Introduction to Tableau server tools
  9. Data Duo: Your vibe attracts your tribe
  10. Key notes -Tableau vision and Keynote Freaknomics

As mentioned in my previous blog about what we’re looking forward too: (http://bit.ly/2wZBxQQ), I tried to ensure the sessions I attended were useful to pick up new skills or have hands on training face to face. I had to sacrifice a lot of sessions that are also very useful and catch up on line, so i made sure the balance was right. I really enjoyed ‘Getting Vizzy with it: Advanced Visulisation Types’ – I knew the first batch of charts already but it was good to see them being built a different way to what I do. We are all aware Tableau has a ton of different ways to do the same thing. The second half of this sessions is where I learnt how to build Sankey Chart, and Starburst wheels! Watch out Tableau public with the new knowledge of some fancy charts.

 The Keynotes were particularly good, especially the Devs on stage and Freakonomics! Learning about all the new features that Tableau are working on is exciting, and majority (if not all) is what we needed two versions ago.

Freakonomics – well they were hilarious. The Turkey Insemination story is probably one of the weirdest most funniest stories I have ever heard. Ask me later for a debrief of that! Really good speakers, honest and relatable. I hadn’t heard of them before the conference so i thank #Data17 for introducing me to them!

I loved the tip battle between Andy Kriebel and Jeffery Shaffer – I actually learnt more than I thought I would given it was a battle, thinking it would be to quick to grasp anything but I am glad I attended – can’t wait for it to be released so we can all practice. It’s not only better ways to do things, they showed different tricks to enhance your vizzes which will work in many a-ways.

Interesting to watch the Data Duo, that session was really imformtive about how they became such a well known duo in the Tableau world. I mostly took away the fact you need to practice tons, trust the community, use the community and smile your way through it.

Tableau Community has my heart.

It is what it is, the vast amount of people that are so friendly and it feels like a family reunion when you see everyone. Even meeting people for the first time that you’ve conversed with over social media for the past year – it’s like we have all been hanging out every day. It was great that those of the community got recognised by the Vizzie awards ran by Wanna Be Podcast – these awards are voted for by the community and ran by the community.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 20.04.28

I’m looking forward to catching up with a number of sessions that have been recorded and revisiting the ones I attended at #Data17! Below is a list of sessions I had wanted to attend but clashed, so these and many others are on my hit list for some bedtime reading.

What sessions I am looking forward to catching up on

  1. From rookie to Rocky: Building your Tableau training program
  2. Beautiful Data: Balancing art and analysis
  3. Eye tracking: What it teaches us about dashboard design
  4. Server Tools 102: Take command with tabcmd
  5. Electronic arts: Taking back ownership of data with Tableau
  6. You down with the LOD? (yeah you know me)

Catch up with sessions here http://tclive.tableau.com/SignUp

Vegas itself…

The whole of Vegas was great, the city, the state the venue – you couldn’t fault it for the size. I ate so much food you wouldn’t believe, I tried to make sure I had one of everything that reminded me of when I lived there. Sure to say I ate enough tacos to feed the conference as well as corn dogs and Zebra cakes!

We had the chance to get out of Vegas for a bit and see the Hoover Damn! Structural genius at it’s best, you just can’t comprehend the size of it.

Look out for the rest of the team’s blogs throughout the week on their experience of the conference! Here comes New Orleans #TC18




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