Post TCoT London – Starting with strangers, leaving with friends.

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Now we are all back to our Tableau day jobs thought it would be a good idea to share experiences from the Tableau Conference on Tour and what it is like on the sponsor side rather than the attendee side.

First off it was great! If you don’t go, why not? You should. From the amount of seminars, keynotes, and networking you can do with the added bonus of free food & drink it keeps you alert! There are so many different seminars to attend which you can all learn something new from. I try to go to the sessions that I’m interested in or the sessions that are super hard but the speaker is going to walk through it step by step and I would benefit more from attending rather than watching tutorials on line.

Being apart of a team that was a sponsor this year was very different from just attending previously, you get to meet and chat to a whole bunch of new people -where as previously you might meet those through a friend. However, people were wanting to come and chat to us see who we are, ask for advice, meet later for a beer safe to say the network of friends from the Tableau community has grown. The other great thing about this conference is you finally get to meet people in person that you’ve been talking Tableau with on Twitter for the past year or so. @EvaMurry@Matt Francis@CharlieHTableau@EmilyKund, @PabloGomez @Nicholas Bignell,

At our stand we brought a reaction game with us to drum up some healthy fun, and competition amongst us all. It was crazy good to watch people battle it out to get the top score, groups of attendees kept coming back to beat each other or check on the highest score and beat that. Our record outside the team was 85. In side our team it was 81 by yours truly – it might of taken a couple of Pimm’s to reach that.

I went to a few keynotes and seminars but one keynote stood out for me and that was Jeff Bernson talk on Malaria in Zambia. His work that him and his team are doing is just phenomenal, its more than just a bar chart about how many sales you have. It is life saving! I was so inspired to go away and look at subjects I know nothing about and to start creating a viz learning from them. That way I can practice my Tableau skills and still learn about the challenges we face today in this world that are blinded by other means of media. It’s such a powerful tool and is doing so well across the globe, it was really refreshing to see something different.

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The keynote from Sir David Spiegelhalter was brilliant in its own right also, thanks to @andycotgrave for pitching that idea. He opened up our minds with the stories of how data can be taken out of context and reported the same story in two different lights. He was very funny had the mass crowd in a huge burst of laughs throughout his speech.

We had the first European IRON VIZ at TCoT London – here the 3 finalist battled it out creating a viz in 20 minutes. Watching their minds work and tableau skills on stage with the added pressure of the crowd starring was also captivating – big congratulations to @DavidPires for winning this year with his awesome viz and a huge well done for the everyone that took part.

#MAKEOVERMONDAY made an appearance on the Monday of course which saw the community create, design, prep and plan for this weeks challenge. AK and Eva Murray really do a great job its spreading like wildfire. I mean if you don’t do #MakeOverMonday do you even Tableau?

I was able to get to two seminars throughout the conference which were Statistical Analysis with Tableau and Pick your poison: LOD or Quick Table Calc – both classes were well delivered, and I walked away with a better understanding as well as the drive needed to learn & research more to use in my daily Tableau life. Id of liked to of attended more but being on the sponsor side we had work to do and people to greet – so it wasn’t to bad.

DataNightOut is always a scream, you see everyone laid back enjoying themselves, raving in the silent disco or a few rounds of mini golf. The theme this year was Make Your Mark – which was quite fitting from the number of Keynotes we had that day.

As this may be a brief summary of my time at TCoT it was so worthwhile to attend. I encourage anyone else to go next year if you don’t learn any new Tableau you will sincerely enjoy yourself and make a ton of new friends.

Kudos to the staff who helped run the event and make it one to not forget.

Looking forward to TCoT 17 in VEGAS!


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