Am I winning or am I losing?

You will need a cup of tea for this, sit tight.

OK, so I had thought I would give the #WorkoutWednesday a go even though I feel completely out of my depth. I have already been watching Twitter seeing everyone’s tweets about the tool tips and LoD calcs so at least I am mentally prepared for the battle that is about to begin. Have I mentioned LoD calcs give me nightmares; I have been in dire need of using it but have not yet. I’m told I will need a use case for them, I understand the theory but not the practice – so let us hope today is a winner.


To start with, @Andre sent me the data in an Excel file; I plugged it in to Tableau to get a ton of years and was like what, this is not right. SO already, I went in and stole the data set from other workbooks so it is neatly laid out ready to go. I started with copying what was easily identifiable from the screen shot to my X and Y-axis (see above). You can tell it is a date field on the top, so I added the year and then used every measure to match the Y-axis. And no luck 😦

I left that and moved on to something else, in Andy’s instructions he mention you need to select a different stat – so that I knew was a parameter – dropped down his selection and wrote out the text in my parameter.


You already know with every parameter comes a calc so I knew that was my next step; an IF statement – I know some people have IF arguments, this worked for me and I knew it. #Winning number 1


After this I became a bit stuck, and unfortunately had to download the workbook and have a look, I didn’t want to completely undo myself I wanted to try and work it out from at least the measures before opening up the pills and seeing what made them. The first one was 25th Percentile – I was stumped, what does that even mean? Went to my trusty friend Google to get some answers and figured it was the 25% mark out of the 100% – but that was wrong too so I had to open the pill and look to re learn and figure out. Darn.

Next the pill Stat. So I knew this one – it is the calc we just made for our stats selection and that was showing the Median – if in doubt right click and hey presto it was there! #Winning number 2

It turned out as below, after I put the axis to dual – even my parameter was working #winning number 3.


So, what do I do now, why does Andy have his years on the top and long bars and a different number layout on the Y-Axis, what is this wizardry? Made a dual axis, sync’d it – again hey presto I had years on the top. #Winning number 4

I noticed there was a 75th Percentile – I mean I just did this one so surely it is the same calc but with 75? I tried it and it said our favourite message appearing ‘this calculation is valid’ yeessss #Winning number 5 I was pretty chuffed – did not know what it meant but it works, who cares. (Jokes I did care). I dropped that on the size marks card and we have lines, fat long chunky lines. #Winning number 6!

Then QBs in range – I saw this was on the tool tip card, I already knew people had trouble with the tool tips and I had heard there would be a LoD calc – holey moly I opened it and there it was in its glory. Let us just take a second, what? I get the idea yes I really do – but how to create that off my own back – no chance.


I played around with many of the features and tried to figure out some more of the calcs. The 75th TD was interesting, as I guessed it was using a different measure and noticed TD by luck – so duplicated all the calcs that needed TD (from AK’s viz) changed the measure to TD and they all worked. #Winning number 7 – I then had to rename a few of them measures to understand it more in my head, instead of saying TD this and TD that I edited the alias and would repeat the actions saying Touchdown this and Touchdown that… It works for me– if I see it how it is meant to do without shortcuts, I may remember it more.

Lessons learnt – what did I learn today? Well percentiles to start with, I mean so simple yet so complex. Then LoD calcs – let us not even go there, I think I have a fear! Thanks to @Andre at the end for explaining, I needed to turn my year into decimals – who knew? Although my X-Axis did not fancy the change clearly because it is still wrong.

Also to tick ‘none’ on the X-Axis for your tick marks to hide the years – sneaky. As well, I went over some calcs in the main viz and noticed a CASE Statement used – I used an IF Statement, why would they be different? Therefore, I took this moment to do some research to learn about the differences, concluded over developer preference…That could be wrong. Now I can use both – I am taking that as #winning number 8

I also learned I should be a little more confident in my work and findings because you do know, and you will figure it out and it is ok to cheat. It is better to cheat a little and learn new things then to cheat a lot and learn nothing.

So thanks Andy K – this one is for you.


P.S. This might look like a fail attempt but I really tried, and actually learnt a lot from failing. What doesn’t knock you down builds you up – come at me next week!!/




2 thoughts on “Am I winning or am I losing?

  1. Downloading workbooks to find solutions definitely isn’t cheating, but it is sanity preserving. You take the same approach as me: do as much as you can yourself, try the bits you don’t know and download as a last resort. It’s amazing how much you can learn following those steps, and sometimes you can even remember stuff!


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