I’m Just Like You…

Welcome, it’s my first Blog – if you couldn’t tell. I wanted to share my experiences and help others to grow, learn and develop.

So I started off with Tableau like a deer in the headlights as everyone else probably did, I still don’t even understand everything I am doing but its great, it gives me challenges everyday and keeps me involved. However, you know what the best thing is to do – trial and error! I have learnt not to be afraid of testing this theory, or figuring it out thinking “well if that doesn’t work, try this” until you find the solution you are aiming for. If I do figure it out, I tend to make a note of it, and carry my Tableau bible everywhere with me. No one expects you or me to remember everything.

With Tableau, you can explore so many different areas, and the community is the best to get new ideas from and share experiences or even troubleshoot some problems as well as sharing frustrations. We all have that moment when Tableau does not work, or tableau is having a slight meltdown or you’re having that meltdown in a data rabbit hole.

I wanted to start blogging after inspiration from a pool of other data friends out there, after reading their blogs and sitting back watching all the data madness I believed it was time that I too would join the crowd, I’m sure I even dream about what I am going to say in my blog post – and here we are!

So let’s start with my first #MakeOverMonday I kept this simple and followed the lines of a bar chart – we all know bar charts inside out. I always feel like sometimes I should push the realms of possibility but then I end up creating a bar chart and hey presto it makes sense without all the tricks. If you’ve come across @ChrisLuv you’d know he uses the KISS method  – ‘Keep It Simple Silly’ or stupid which ever you prefer. 😀

It does the job, it tells you women are paid significantly lower than what men do in Australia, I have even put a filter on occupation so you can select above the bar chart. Then followed by a percentage of gender types in that particular work place. What more do you need?

You can make a quick snap shot decision based on a simple visualisation without the headache of figuring out what is what. #MakeOverMonday – reason No.212 (exaggerated a little there) why it is a good weekly challenge to learn from. A simple bar chart, yes, but you can derive more questions from it to go build on whether on your viz or more vizzes! So here you can go away and ask yourself, why do Women get paid less? Is it the education system? Is it the job system? Is it because women are more likely to stay at home? Who knows – but lots to dig deeper from a simple bar chart. Yay.





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